Best GP V5 2016 Kite

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The 2016 Best GP has been developed to cater to the needed and demands for high level freestyle and wakestyle performance. It has been refined closely with the team riders in the flat water lagoons in Brazil and the gnarly conditions of South Africa.

Design details

The 2016 Best GP is the weapon of choice for any dedicated freestyle athlete. It was developed in cooperation with world champs after its predecessor carried Gisela Pulido to another world title. This elite C kite is made for boosting explosive jumps, megalooping and freestyle or wakestyle tricks offering plenty of line slack after the pop.


  • 5-line C kite for most advanced technical freestyle tricks
  • Responsive steering and direct feel
  • Unhooked stability and control actively supports rider
  • Incredible pop with plenty of line slack
  • Explosive vertical boost takes you to new heights

Available to ship from beginning of May 2016.