Best GP V3 Freestyle Bar 2014

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The GP-Bar is designed to be the ultimate 5-line kite control bar - high-tech construction, durability, safety and ease of use features.

Design details

Control and dominate

Sizes: 42cm | 47cm

*Team designed and tuned hard-core competition freestyle bar *Low 5 kg QR activation pressure with 250kg load, highly resistant to false releases *International safety standard compliant *8mm depower line and Delrin inserts to handle your commitment *Clam cleat for easy depower with wide adjustment range *Equipped with bar bag and GP leash

If you going to be a freestyle superstar then you need a bar that is built to handle any abuse you can throw at it and exceed your aspirations for quality and performance. The GP-Bar is designed to be the ultimate 5-line kite control bar and it’s packed full of high-tech construction, durability, safety and ease of use features that will help you dominate.

The Pro-cuff+ QR has been revised with a more intuitively shaped grip area, when you need to activate your safety you can be sure it will work first time, every time. We know you set your own standards high but you can kite safe in the knowledge that the Pro-cuff+ QR meets international safety testing standards and has one of most consistent and easy to reassemble QR that you can ride.

Above the double thickness, 8mm Depower Line you’ll find an all new depower cleat design. Built from the ground up for one handed operation and maximum flexibility it allows you customize your bar for bar travel, depower reach and cleat height. Add to this the revised Back Line Adjusters and you have complete control over every aspect of your bar rigging. A new Front Line Tidy keeps your lines and 5th-line safety running smoothly above the bar while the Underbar Swivel helps locate your chickenloop securely into the underside of the low friction Delrin Bar inserts, ensuring that the transition from unhooked to hooked is as easy as possible. For those times when you don’t make the pass you’ll be glad that we have reinforced the handlepass leash and added a new one-handed, Pinless Safety release that works just like your favorite Pro-cuff+ QR.

The GP-bar package is finished off with a super tacky, no-slip grip. Extra heavy duty front flying lines are built to take any abuse you can deliver and all flying and leader lines are impregnated with a new low-friction coating to keep the sand out of the weave. The GP-Bar is designed specifically for our GP C-kite and has been tuned and tested by our entire pro-team- it’s the most advanced 5th-line bar we’ve ever made. Take one for a spin today and begin your dominance.

Clam Cleat Our brand new Clam Cleat design, takes up less space, gives you more depower range and can be adjusted to fit any rider or riding style.

Delrin Inserts Replaceable low friction Delrin bar inserts help eliminate center line wear and hold the chickenloop rock steady when you ride unhooked.

8mm Depower Two 4mm thick depower lines are braided together to form an indestructible 8mm wide depower line. There's no longer lasting or smoother running depower line available.

Pro Cuff+ Push-to-release, easy to reassemble, resistant to false releases and built to last like no other. The Pro Cuff+ QR is tested to exceed all current international safety standards.

Designer’s Vision

Team riders want a light, strong, ultra durable and comfortable bar, that's what the GP bar delivers so they can dominate the competition.

Jordi Modolell