Best Cabo V4 2016 Kite

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The 2016 Best Cabo V4 is a very refined wave riding kite that excels in quick pivotal turning as well as predictable drift when riding down the line.

Design details

Drop into the biggest waves, glide along the glassy faces of pumping swell and escape the whitewash of gnarly wedges. The Cabo tows you into the best waves of your life and then sits and drifts at the edge of the wind window for you to enjoy the ride. Excelling in freeride as well, it will get you back behind the impact zone while easily going upwind.


  • Excellent down the line drift optimized for riding waves
  • Light bar pressure with highest responsiveness
  • Incredible turning speed with smooth power development
  • Great freeride characteristics to go upwind and jump

Available to ship from beginning of May 2016.