Bern Womens Lenox H20 Helmet

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You asked, we answered. The Lenox, twin sister to the Watts, was designed with women in mind, complete with a smaller shell size and feminine details.

Design details

Bern have combined our patented visor profile with 7 curved vents to create the ultimate in women's head protection. Marrying style with function, the Lenox delivers what women truly want: one core accessory that goes with everything, and takes you everywhere. The only problem; keeping it away from your boyfriend.

A thin ABS shell lined with EPS foam to create a burly lightweight All Season lid.

An ABS shell lined with soft moisture wicking Brock foam for a multi-impact All Season lid.

Customized fit with performance moisture control and airflow.

Size Chart

XS = 52-53.5cm
S = 54-55.5cm
M = 55.5-57cm
L = 57-59cm