Axis Ultra 2016 Kiteboard

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The 2016 AXIS ULTRA has the same shape as the 2016 Patrol but is lighter and more responsive thanks to biaxial carbon construction. AXIS don’t use carbon to build the lightest or stiffest board on the market, we are trying to build the nicest board to ride.

Design details

Sizes: 144x45cm, 148x47cm


The layers of 45 degree biaxial carbon flex more naturally than typical 90 degree carbon cloth, allowing progressive flex and controlling torsion.

The AXIS ULTRA is designed specifically for light wind conditions and comes in two sizes for riders of varying weight. The shallow rocker, square outline and simple concave bottom shape make for a very efficient board to get you out on the water while the others are wondering whether to bother. These characteristics also make the board popular on the twin tip race circuit.

AXIS Ultra 2016, when you want the best to get out there before the rest.

Kiteboard comes with:

  • 50mm Fins
  • Board Handle
  • Traction+ Pads & Straps