Axis Tandem Vanguard 2016 Kiteboard

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Now in it’s third season, the Tandem is a board we pioneered with our team rider Tamatoa Gillot to cater for his love of our sport and his desire to share it. Kiting is for everyone.

Design details

Sizes: 148x46.5cm, 152x49.5cm


The AXIS Tandem is a great introduction to kiteboarding, and a perfect induction to lessons. Ideal for kite schools, Tandem puts the student right there on the board with the instructor to get a grip of the basics before setting out on their own.

The Tandem is a 148cm Vanguard, with inserts for two sets of pads and reinforcements in certain areas to address the additional weight and flex requirements of two riders. It also doubles as a great all round board for heavier kiters.

Put a smile on you and your friend’s dials and share the stoke with the AXIS Tandem.

Kiteboard comes with:

  • 50mm Fins
  • Board Handle
  • x2 Traction+ Pads & Strap Sets