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    Airush Wave V8 Kite
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Airush Wave V8 Kite

From: £724.14


The new Airush Wave V8 Kitesurfing is a Wave Slayer, in every respect. Whether it’s down the line, or strapless freestyle, the Wave has you covered!

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Design details

Wave and strapless riding have come a long way since we first introduced the Airush Wave kite, but through ongoing development, we continue to take those driving turns, big strapless forwards, and smooth power delivery to a new performance level. The Airush Wave V8´s updated shape is focused around refinement, while customization through bridle options give a fresh perspective.

With the optional fixed bridle, riders can pick between more direct steering and on-off power delivery without pulleys or a smooth and progressive ride with amazing gust response with pulleys. This fixed bridle has been designed specifically for each size of kite in the V8 range, giving the rider the most efficient and precise bridling.

The benefits of the unique construction of Airush Kites is evident in the Wave, where the Load Frame, absolute premium materials and years of construction refinement deliver the perfect balance of light weight drifting capabilities and precision turning with durability and reliability.

Tech specs

Airush Load Frame V4 ft. WebTech
The Airush Load Frame ft. WebTech has been the key to setting the ultimate benchmark in durability, without compromising on weight. By expanding their exclusive Load Frame with WebTech, Airush are able to completely remove the heavier fabric and utilize the Ballistic, High-Modulus Polyethylene Web Fibers instead – increasing strength and minimizing weight.

Integrated High Modulus Polyethylene Yarns
Central to the Load Frame are the lightweight Ultra High Modulus Yarns, of which each single yarn can carry 40kg. These yarns are integrated into the canopy through reinforced taping that allows them to elongate when under extreme load, absorbing most of the shock that traditionally would have run through the canopy. At the same time, they carry the primary load of the canopy, preventing stretch and increasing long-term performance.

Technoforce D2
This premium fabric is designed with a High-Density Structure using High Tenacity Double-Coated Polyester yarn in a Double Ripstop Configuration. The Double Coating protects the yarn as much as possible from UV and abrasion damage. This ensures that the canopy remains as crisp and responsive for as long as possible. This material is used in conjunction with the Airush Load Frame, resulting in the ultimate combination of durability and performance.

Optional Fixed or Pulley Bridles
The Wave is supplied with two sets of bridles, which can be interchanged using the same bridle attachment points. For the classic Airush feel of smooth depower and ease of use, the Standard Pulley Bridle is recommended. The Longer bar throw means that you get a controlled longer depower range, keeping your backlines tight even at full depower.

The new Fixed Bridle adds another dimension for the Intermediate to Advanced rider. It offers a direct response and uses less bar input for immediate steering and crisper feel.

XL Inflate/Deflate Valve
The XL Inflate/Deflate Valve features an insanely easy and fast way to inflate and deflate your kite. The large opening creates maximum flow of air and reduces fatigue and stress on your pump.

Safety Handles
On all Airush kites, the emergency safety handles are provided on each wingtips. This maximizes the control and security when performing a self-rescue.

Airush Bumpers
Airush Bumpers are found throughout the leading edge of the kites to reduce wear and increase durability on rough surfaces. These bumpers are key for increasing the lifespan of Airush kites.

Kevlar Reinforcement
Kevlar, found in bulletproof vests, is found throughout the Airush kites. These Kevlar Reinforcements are only put in the most critical areas, to protect from wear and tear, while still minimizing weight that affects the kites performance.

SPS and FBI Technology
The Oversized SPS valve (Single Point Inflation System) optimizes inflation and deflation. The Fast Bladder Inflation (FBI) features increased wall thickness and oversized diameter tubing, thus eliminating tube kink, reducing stress on your pump, and enabling quick and easy inflation. The SPS cover supports the tubing, further limiting UV damage to the material and preventing over flexing when packing.


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