Airush Converse Kite Surfboard 2015

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The perfect down-the-line wave board for medium surf.

Design details

Sizes: 5'11", 6'1"


We started from scratch on the all-new 2015 Converse and developed a shape that destroys any wave you put in front of it. The higher rocker, rounded pin tail and tri fin configuration enable massive off the top snap, while the longer outline and fine rails ensure a smooth and powerful bottom turn for the perfect setup.

Available in:

5’11" x 18" x 2" 22L

6’1" x 18 1/2" x 2 1/4" 26L

  • All new down the line shape for 2015
  • FCS Fusion Box
  • Classic Thruster Configuration
  • Dedicated down the line wave with pure surf performance.
  • Ridden Strapped or Strapless
  • Vertical top to bottom
  • Straps and Optional Deck Pad Included
  • Available in Bamboo and Active Construction

Tech specs

The Key to the Active Stringers Strength is the stiff and ultra lightweight carbon I-beam through the center of the board. This prevents the board from over flexing and damaging the laminate when flexing beyond the working range. The secret to the Active Technology flex is the high memory polypropylene layer, that allows the full bi-axial carbon skins to flex and compress within the working range. The combination gives a perfect blend of maximum flex, with maximum durability.