2018 Ronix Kinetik Springbox 2 Wakeboard Review

Here at King of Watersports we don’t just sell the kit, we also ride it. This means that it’s as important to us as it is to you to get the right gear, that we’ll be riding all season long! This year, some of the Wake Team decided to go for the Kinetik Project Springbox 2, a full-blown cable monster for 2018. Check out the team’s review of it below!

2018 Ronix Kinetik Project Springbox 2 Review

Dom from the KOW Wake Team cutting a few laps on the 2018 Kinetik Project Springbox 2. A true cable shredder, the Kinetik is fast on the water, and comes with softer tips to allow you to 'Spring' off a feature!
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KOW Team: “Yeah the Kinetik Project has to be one of the most fun boards I’ve tried for the past few seasons, and it’s pretty easy to see why. The board feels super light and responsive underfoot, and it’s pretty quick on water too. Compared to the Flexbox 1, the Springbox 2 is the more feature and rail orientated board, meaning that for guys like us who like to press into features and get steezy, it’s perfect! The pressure points are further up this year, meaning we can press the end of the board into the feature a lot harder, and tweak it out further, too.”

“One other thing that’s appealing to us as well is the amount of contact point you get on the tip and tail of the board. Because the tips are quite wide this year, you get a lot more room for pressing and to work with on the feature, meaning that you become a lot more stable and you can predict the outcome of your press a lot easier.”

“For the other guys on the team that like to ride kickers and send it big, the Springbox works for them just as well. The channelling in the base makes for a board that holds a really grippy edge on the water, and feels nice and tight just when you need it most. The board doesn’t feel too grippy to the extent that you have to land everything with perfect execution, though, and often you can find yourself with skatey landings, much more saveable for those who like to butt check haha!”

“One last thing I will say is that the Ronix Boards work best with the Ronix Boots. Although you can put any boot on here and it will work, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best to stick it brand with brand. The Ronix boots are a lot lighter than their rivals, which makes the board feel super lively underfoot, and doesn’t take away any of the qualities the board was R&D’d to have. “

For any more info on the 2018 Kinetik Springbox 2, whether it be sizing or general advice, give us a call on 01202 763675!