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With a paragliding background, no one knows the wind quite like Ozone. Their light wind kite the Ozone Zephyr is a work of art and not just a King of Watersports favourite but a best seller every year. The Ozone Chrono has blown us away in under 7 knots! True story! for light wind kites there is no one but Ozone.

Ozone Reo V3 - Wave Riding Freedom

The Reo has been specifically designed for surfing waves with a kite. In its third version, the Reo V3 has become an iconic surf kite since first introducing this model.

The Reo V3 is the same kite design as the much loved Reo 2015 model, with fresh new colours and Ozone's new Contact-Water Control System with soft bar ends to help protect your surfboard against knocks from the bar.

The Reo V3 is advanced in design yet simple to let you focus on surfing the wave. Versatile performance makes all conditions, from on-shore slop to cross-off barreling reef breaks, fun and easy.

Buy the Ozone Reo V3 today.

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