Slingshot Foil Wing Performance Chart

With Slingshot's Modular Foil System it allows you to buy, learn and never outgrow. Slingshot's current wing designs are optimized to enhance and improve performance based on the conditions and the sport you choose.


Solid Carbon Composite Construction
Each Hover Glide wing is made of solid carbon composite and prepreg carbon construction. Unlike the super fragile high-modulus carbon construction of more expensive foils, the Hover Glide can take a beating, and scrapes and dings can be repaired fairly easily.

Flat-Loc, Fuse-to-Wing Connector
Foiling, carving, jibbing and jumping puts enormous forces on the fuselage-to-wing connection. Our Flat-Loc™ Fuse-to-Wing connection is designed like a wrench on a nut. The load is married to the fuse and the wings, with no load on the bolts. Unlike bolt-on wings, the Flat-Loc™ system is safe, secure and smart.

Rear Wing
Rider Simplicity. Universal one design that works with all front wings for all disciplines, in any configuration. 100% CARBON CONSTRUCTION + SANDED SPEED FINISH.

Slingshot Foil Front Wings