Orca 3.8 Enduro Triathlon Wetsuit 2014

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If endurance rocks your boat, this is your wetsuit. Named after the 3.8km Iron Man Contest length.

Design details

The 3.8 Enduro offers you the best swim position to enhance performance. 2013 saw the Orca 3.8 excel with its Exo-Cell buoyancy system and a year on its popularity speaks for itself. The Enduro 3.8 combines the Exo-Cell System and Aerodome 2 panels. These ultra-buoyant materials increase equilibrium and reduce drag, facilitating your ideal swim position. Designed for long-distance triathletes or swimmers seeking improved torso and leg position in the water, the 3.8 comes with 1.5mm-2mm 40-cell neoprene panels on the arm and underarm areas. Its high-stretch inner lining guarantees excellent range of motion, comfort and fast transitions, while the Infinity Skin lining adds even greater flexibility.

If you're a long distance triathlete looking for buoyancy without compromising on flexibility. Your best option for comfort, speed and balance to give you an unbeatable performance edge.

INFINITY SKIN LINING Unparalled flexilibility

EXO-CELL CORE Strategic panel placement for optimized swim position

AERODOME 2 panels strategic panel placement on the back, butt and legs for optimized swim position and maximum buoyancy where it’s needed

44 CELL ARM PANELS Highest grade of Yamamoto neoprene


40/44 CELL The Yamamoto Corporation is regarded as the world's top of neoprene for triathlon wetsuits. Its 40-cell neoprene is renowned for its flexibility, suppleness, fit and comfort. Second only to 44-cell by the by the narrowest of margins. Orca uses 1.5mm and 2mm panels of Yamamoto 44-cell neoprene, plus high stretch Infinite Skin, in key areas around the upper body and arms of the RS1 Predator, 1.5 Alpha and 3.8 Enduro to provide a wetsuit swimming experience like no other.

YAMAMOTO The Yamamoto Corporation is the world's main supplier of high performance neoprene. Its seal represents quality, technology and innovation.

INFINITE SKIN It's what's on the inside that counts and Orca's unique Infinite Skin plays and integral part in the unbelievable flexibility of the RS1 Predator, 1.5 Alpha and the 3.8 Enduro. Constructed from high stretch nylon, 4-way stretch is used as the lining of the Free-Wing, Free-Fly and Free-Flex panels of the Alpha 1.5, the shoulder panels of the 3.8 Enduro and the RS1 Predator, allowing the wetsuit to move dynamically through your swim stroke.

AERODOME 2 Beneath the dimpled surface of Orca's Aerodome 39-cell neoprene are hundreds of air cavities, which provide 30% more buoyancy than normal 5mm neoprene. Aerodome panels are strategically placed around the heaviest parts of the body, lifting you into the optimum swimming position.

EXO-CELL Exo-Cell is a unique sandwich designed neoprene that provides over 25% more buoyancy than Aerodome. Panels of Exo-Cell are used in a system on the 3.8 and Alpha to optimize the swimming position.

NANO SCS Super Composite Skin (SCS) has become the benchmark for coating the neoprene used in triathlon wetsuits, to reduce friction and increase speed through the water. Orca uses the Yamamoto Corporation's latest Nano SCS for an even lower draw coefficient, ensuring the fastest swim possible. The underwater coefficient of dynamic friction of the Nano SCS is 0.026 in comparison to 4.0 with regular neoprene. Less friction = more speed.