Zpro Tango 2 man Inflatable Kayak Blue Package

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The Tango TA200 is Zpro's most popular kayak, designed and constructed for use in rough water, on lakes, rivers or the ocean.

Design details


Package Includes:

Tango 2 Kayak
FREE Bravo Convertible 2 in 1 Kayak Canoe Paddle worth £37
FREE Bravo 2 part split Kayak Paddle worth £27
Carrying Bag
Repair Kit
1 Skeg
2 Seats
Owners Manual

Light enough and short enough to be easily paddled and handled by one person, yet it is still large enough for two people and a lot of gear. It is very easy to inflate and deflate using our deluxe H3 valve that is removable, replaceable, reliable and airtight. The Tango TA200 tracks better and paddles faster when using skeg. Because the bottom floor and bottom 1/3 of the side tubes are made with 1000 denier supported fabric, this kayak is as strong as other supported fabric kayaks.

Deluxe H3 valve: removable, replaceable, reliable and airtight

Directional skeg: better tracking and easy paddling

V-shaped bottom floor: sharp looking and increased stability

1000 denier super tough supported fabric used on the bottom floor and bottom one third of the side tubes: strong enough to use in rough water


Length 335cm (11'0"). Beam 95cm (3'1.5"). Interior Width 43cm.
Weight 15kg. Capacity 2 persons ( max 200kg). 3 Airchambers,
Directional strakes and a demountable skeg.
Can be paddled with either kayak or canoe paddles.

Standard Equipment:

1 Carrying Bag
1 Repair Kit
1 Skeg
2 Seats
1 Owners Manual

Packed Dimensions Approx :- 74cm x 40cm x 34cm

Bravo Convertible 2 in 1 Kayak Canoe Paddle
The Bravo Combination paddle gives you the best of both worlds. When paddling on your own use it as a normal double blade kayak paddle. When paddling with a friend, simply take the paddle apart, add on the handles and away you go with 2 canoe paddles. The paddle shafts are aluminium and the blades are robust polypropylene plastic.
Kayak Paddle length: 225cm
Canoe Paddle length: 150cm

Bravo 2 part split Kayak Paddle
The Bravo Standard 2-piece Split Paddle is an ideal paddle for use with inflatable kayaks. It is constructed using an aluminium shaft which is split into two halves and can be set to different angles. The blades are slightly spooned and made from polypropylene plastic.
Paddle length: 220cm