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    Zeeko Scrambler 4'8 V1 Kite Foil Board
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Zeeko Scrambler 4'8 V1 Kite Foil Board

£640.81 ex VAT (USD855.48)

The Zeeko Scrambler 4,8 V1 is the first of a new generation of cross-over Boardsport boards. After months of intensive testing, the Zeeko Scrambler will delight the demanding riders, a board without concessions, developed for an optimum practice of kitefoil but also of Prone foil (surfoiling).

Design details



  • 4'8 x 20 7/8 x 3 or 142cm x 53cm x 7.6 cm
  • 36 Liters
  • Compact Kitefoil and prone foil board, with a flotation volume equal to a 6'4/6'6 surfboard
  • 2 US rails for the foil connection
  • Strapless, or with two or three straps
  • Weight 3.9 kg (+/-10%)
  • WOOD Sandwich Construction


The Scrambler 4 ‘ 8 is a board with a shape and a construction without concession for the practice of kitefoil and prone foil.
The board adopts a very thick compact outline giving maximum buoyancy without the detrimental effect of a longer board.
The hull is designed with a deep double concave frontward, reverse rails and a flat kicktail for maximum stability during paddling.
The large pad allows a great comfort in ride and the mat finish is ideal for grabs and other no-foot.
The Scrambler is the ideal board for those who only dream of foil (surf and kite and behind a boat) and who want only one board in their quiver.

ACCESSIBILITY & FREERIDE / ideal for improving your level and surpassing

The short length of the board makes it very responsive and provides integral control.
During jumps, its catch in the wind is minimal allowing innovative tricks. Its volume gives it a maximum of ease to paddle in prone foiling and in light winds kite conditions.

SCRAMBLER 4'8: The ultimate and versatile board for the kitefoil , prone foil and wake foil


The board was designed for early planning and optimal control when the rail hits the water.
A specific work was carried out under the bottom of the board:

  • a deep double concave on the front of the board gives maximum control
  • the bottom becomes flat on the tail (the back of the board) to improve the low end.


The scoop of the board has two sections:

  • The back section is very tight to allow a early take off.
  • The front section has a pronounced spatula for smoother touch-downs.


The deck of the Scrambler is flat giving more comfort and control.
Also the flat deck is more confortable during paddling.

Bevels and maximum thickness forward

The rails of the board are of moderate bevel type. Indeed, during the practice of the foil, the deep bevels reduce the lateral stability of the board during the take off and the paddling.
The 4 ‘ 8 scrambler with its moderate bevels and a flat kicktail is a very stable board at the take-off for prone foiling, while being very controllable during touch downs, upwind rides and turns.
The maximum thickness is forward which gives a very good flotation, and allows a tolerance to the touch-downs, the board rebounds on the water.

Track system for the foil connection

The foil connection has been designed for maximum stiffness and durability.
The use of two US rails (90mm apart) allows for an adjustable setting of the foil position.
Measurements are present under the board to always attach the foil to the desired location.
The foil Attachment pack (M6x35mm screws + plastic washers + stainless steel washers + nuts x 4) is included with the board.


The board can be ridden strapless, with one, two or three straps.
The Scrambler is equipped with 5 positions for straps, combined with US rails to screw the foil under the board, which will also please owners of foils other than ZEEKO.
Thanks to large pads, Scrambler provides a very comfortable ride, even strapless.

Double Wood/PVC sandwich construction

For a better weight/performance ratio, the board is made of wood/fiberglass sandwich construction. The middle density core makes it very resistant to wedging while having a light weigth. Vacuum manufacturing Shaper like, makes it possible to have an incredible weight/resistance ratio.
The US boxes are reinforced for use without concessions. All the boxes (US rails, straps inserts, plugs) are reinforced with high density PVC foam and fiberglass.
The board is reinforced at critical locations by PVC Sandwich reinforcements (rails, feet).