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    Zeeko Freeride Bar 2018
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Zeeko Freeride Bar 2018

£299.16 ex VAT (USD411.26)

Zeeko Freeride Bar 2018: Clamcleat Depower System // Depower Lines Covered With PU Tube // Easy To Unknot Lines

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  • 2 bar length: 46cm and 54cm
  • 20m + 4m lines length. Fusion lines easy to untangle and super strong (330 daN breaking strength)
  • Shortened back pre lines : less friction when lines are tangled (in kiteloops or backloops for example)
  • Rigid back pre-lines: prevent tangling
  • No Y front line design, short and integrated safety line connected to one front line.
  • Safety line and single depower lines covered by PU tube: no aging and less friction with the bar
  • Inverted front/back line connections: safe connection to the kite.
  • Depower system with Clamcleat and ring on the top
  • Trimable stopper ball: trim the depower ability of the bar
  • Rigid and molded chicken loop: perfect for unhooked tricks
  • Rotative chicken loop with suicide leash option (experts only)
  • Molded 3D grip and bar ends with EVA grip: comfort
  • Molded center hole prevents aging of the EVA covering
  • Integrated elastics lines holder: prevent tangling
  • 'NO' EVA logo and sidely color coded bar