Zeeko Carbone 2018 Hydrofoil


Zeeko Carbone 2018 Hydrofoil: An extremely high-quality construction. New: New building, the mast is 15% more rigid and even more lighter. Satin Finish for a better glide. Transport wallet supplied.

Design details

ZEEKO is proud to announce the release of our 4rd generation of hydrofoils. As the first kitebrand to introduce hydrofoils on the world wide market in 2010-2011, we deliver a new generation of hydrofoils proving unbeatable experience in R&D and production process.

For the 2016 season , we had several challenges:

  • An extremely high-quality construction
  • Carbon mast: New technology for a 15% more rigid mast
  • Satin finish for a better glide
  • Carbon made and profiled fuselage
  • Adjustable Yaw effect
  • Negative lift stabilizator wing
  • Finishing made in the mold
  • transport wallet supplied with the foil
  • French R&D and design, european production