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    Zeeko Alloy Blaster Kite Hydrofoil 2018

Zeeko Alloy Blaster Kite Hydrofoil 2018

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Focused on a wide range of uses thanks to its ease of ride and strength of G10 wings, the Zeeko Blaster is perfectly suited for beginners. Its new design allows the Blaster to have excellent value for money, while still retaining all the key features needed for a high-end foil. This new model will allow Beginners alike to start to ride with an easy-to-access hydrofoil, with the G10 Wings providing strength and confidence. The foil is also perfect for more experienced riders for Freeride/Carving use, due to the size of the wings!

Design details

Zeeko's new, highly accessible Blaster hydrofoil is perfect for Improvers because of its ease and sturdiness, but also for the more Experienced Riders looking for fun and good sensations on the water!
The Blaster has been developed for maximum stability, low take-off speed and low speed riding, allowing you to progress calmly. The wings are machined out of G10 to reduce Ventilation as they come out of the water, which makes the foil especially suitable for Beginners who perhaps can't balance the foil properly at the start of their learning curve.


  • New shorter Fuselage for better Manoeuvrability
  • Extended Stabiliser
  • Unrivalled Strength
  • Reduced Wing Ventilation with AVS (Anti Ventilation Skin)
  • Accessibility and Versatility

This new Blaster becomes the best value for money on the market. Its shorter fuselage provides greater manoeuvrability and its large area stabiliser provides a great pitch control, which facilitates the ride experience. Despite the short fuselage, thanks to the large area stabiliser, the foil remains very easy to control.

The 4cm Vertical fin provides greater stability by reducing the yawing effect. The amount of control you have will always be the same, whatever the conditions you're in. However, it is possible to install a smaller fin (2.5cm) to get a better turning ability. The new G10 Wing Machining process optimises ride control and hydrodynamics, all while keeping the foil at a low price!

The wings on the Blaster have been designed in such a way that the foil is easily accessible to pretty much any rider in the market for a foil. The top of each wing has been striated to increase stability and minimise the effect of ventilation, which is created when the wing comes out of the water and creates an air bubble that spreads over the entire span of the wing, losing all the lift of the foil in the water. The grooves desinged into the foil prevent this from happening, making the foil more forgiving and a lot easier to progress on, meaning it's perfect for riders that are going to make errors.