YOW Amatriain 33" Cruiser


YOW Amatriain 33" Cruiser: He will deny it if asked, but Ibon Amatriain has been considered as the best big wave rider in Europe for a couple of decades. His approach has been unimpeachable; humble and charger, this combination has made Ibon an admired underground surfer.

Design details

He is also known by the nickname of “Sensei”, a Japanese word which means “teacher” in martial arts. Pioneering Playa Gris with arm-power, stretching, yoga, his humility, good surfing and approach to life has indirectly made him a teacher of newer generations; Axi Muniain, Aritz Aranburu and a handful of big wave surfers from his hometown Zarautz have found in Ibon the inspiration for a better approach to life.

Now his sons are riding too and they have a very bright future in surfing. Join Ibon and his sons Iker, Adur and Eki riding his own YOW signature series and the waves of the Basque country coast.


  • 33″x10″ Wheel Base 20″
  • Low Kick Tail
  • 7 Plies U.S.A. Hard Rock Maple
  • Coloured Plies
  • Jessup Griptape


  • Caliber 8.5″ Standard/Silver
  • 92A Blood Orange Ultra HR Formula Bushings
  • Cone & Barrel
  • 11/16″ Black Allen Bolts
  • 5/8″ Black Allen Bolt
  • 2″ Black Allen Bolts
  • 28mm Black Rubber Riser Pad


  • 60x40mm 83A Red
  • Abex 7 Black Bearings
  • Spacers


  • 3 Springs Included
  • 5mm Diameter / Hard
  • 4mm Diameter / Medium
  • 3mm Diameter / Soft
  • Axial Needly Bearing
  • Ball Bearing 51100
  • YOW System Patented

Tech specs

How to lock the YOW Trucks

The YOW truck is made for street surfing, however, if you want to block the YOW truck, you only have to add the YOW-locking-screw and tighten it up. By doing this, you are going to get your YOW truck behave like a regular surfskate, if you so desire.


You only need a standard skateboarding tool to set up your YOW system. Every nut and bolt of the YOW System can be tighten up or loosened with a standard skateboarding tool (regular T-Tool with nut, kingpin and allen wrenches) Actually, only one tool is needed to assemble or disassemble the whole YOW System.