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    The WOO 4.0 Kitesurfing Device
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The WOO 4.0 Kitesurfing Device

£191.62 ex VAT (USD236.46)


The WOO 4.0 is the ultimate kitesurf tracker. Simply press record and start riding, the WOO tracks every take-off, jump, and landing. Then share with the world wide Woo Community.

Design details

The latest version of the WOO device comes with a durable casing that provides protection to a more advanced processor and an exceptionally accurate sensor. With wireless charging, a battery that lasts for over 24 hours, upgraded Bluetooth, and other significant enhancements, you can now concentrate on your kiteboarding activity while the WOO tracks and records every take-off, jump, and landing.

Developed over the course of a decade, WOO 4.0 utilizes insights gained from a worldwide community that continually tests the boundaries of kiteboarding. Despite its original purpose remaining unchanged - to create an uncomplicated, unobtrusive onboard sensor that effortlessly records every kiteboarding leap - the WOO 4.0 has undergone a complete overhaul, both internally and externally, to meet the needs of the sport's future.

Pair your WOO with a smartwatch to add a dynamic display for your kite stats, including the height of every jump right after you land. Game on!

New for 4.0

  • Wireless Charging
  • Dual Core Processor
  • IP69K Waterproof
  • 24+ Hour Battery Life
  • Synchronous Watch App
  • Battery Health Protection


  • 8x Gyroscope Resolution
  • 7x Accelerometer Rate
  • 50% Faster Charging
  • 3x Faster BLE Connection
  • 4x Less Signal Noise
  • 16x Ram
  • 4x Flash Memory
  • 2x Clock Frequency
  • 30% Brighter LED

Whats Included

  • WOO 4.0 Sensor
  • 4.0 Charger
  • Classic Mount
  • Extra Mounting Tape
  • Board Prep Pad
  • Quick Start Guide

The 4.0 is the same size and shape as the 3.0, so your old mounts will work with the 4.0 Keep in mind the charger has changed, so you will need to use the new charger only on your new 4.0.

Edge Angle
The angle you tip your board up on edge to build tension approaching takeoff

The angle you carve upwind against the kite on takeoff.

Pop Velocity
The quickness of the carve upwind against the kite on takeoff.

Jump Graph
A plot of your height progression from takeoff to landing.

Approach Track
A plot of your position as you approach takeoff for each jump.

Takeoff Speed The speed you were riding as you took off for the jump.

Jump Distance
The horizontal distance you traveled in the air from takeoff to landing.

Landing Track
A plot of your position as you ride off after landing.

Tech specs

WOO 4.0 vs. 3.0
Every component in the WOO has been improved to create the most rugged, capable device ever.

Pressure Rating
IP69K (5x Stronger)

CPU + Memory
8x More Powerful

8x Resolution

4x Resolution

Sample Rate
2x Frequency

24+ Hours (3x Longer)

Version 5.2 (2x Faster)

Charging Speed
50% Faster

50% Brighter