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    Takuma LOL Profoil 1600 Foil
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Takuma LOL Profoil 1600 Foil

£1,303.29 ex VAT (USD1,780.29)

The most wanted foils on the market that changed the foiling world and have continuously been best sellers for three seasons in a row. With their signature upturned winglets, the LOL profoils are exceptionally stable, smooth and maneuverable. They are fully modular making them the perfect choice to take you from your first beginner sessions to your more advanced high performance riding.

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Design details

One all-round hydrofoil to do everything!

Extraordinary ease of use combined with superb performance, the LOL profoil 1600 has been designed to be an extremely efficient and versatile foil! Its exceptional maneuverability makes the glide exceptional and the ride playful. Not only ideal for foiling in waves but also for high performance speed in downwinders. Adding winglets allow the wings to be more efficient at creating lift and reducing drag. One all-round hydrofoil to do everything! LOL Wing 1600 is the ultimate choice for medium to advanced level riders.

Technical details:

Front wings:
Wing Span: 865mm Chord: 245mm Project Area: 1600cm2

Stabilizer 270:
Wing Span: 430mm Chord: 85mm Project Area: 300cm2

Mast AC:
Anodized aluminium Sizes options: 70cm / 80cm

Mast Carbon:
75cm full carbon


Available in both carbon and aluminium.

Aluminium + Carbon construction:
Front wing & back wing = carbon

Carbon construction:
100% full carbon

  • Aluminium anodized
  • Foam core
  • Construction carbon pre-preg