Slingshot Wave SST 2016 Kite

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The new Slingshot Wave SST 2016 kite is designed specifically for surf conditions. SST stands for "Slingshot Surf Technology" and this new 2016 wave kite comes in 6, 8, 10 and 12 meter sizes. If you are a kiter serious about taking your wave skills to the next level, the Slingshot Wave SST 2016 is the ideal kite to take you there.

Design details

The 2016 Wave SST kite is built with Slingshot’s legendary bombproof construction to take a pounding in the surf and is light enough to track downwind, downloop instantly, and whip across the window at the flick of a wrist. Equipped with a modified version of Slingshot’s revolutionary new shock-absorbing IRS bridal (featured on the 2015 RPM), the Wave SST kite has instant feedback and response.

The surf shape of the Slingshot'S 2016 Wave SST kite enables:

  • Serious downwind drift
  • Fast turning speed (even when fully sheeted-out)
  • Feather-light feel when shredding down the line, slashing faces, and bottom-turning
  • Condensed enough that the kite can’t get wrapped around wingtips if rolled in the surf.

The kite is constructed with an extra heavy duty Rip Stop Surf Grid canopy material and has extra panels reinforced in a gridded quilt pattern to provide increased strength in the event of a water landing. These 2016 upgrades compliment Slingshot’s already rock solid construction that makes our kites the most resilient on the market.

Although built specifically for surf, the Wave SST is also an outstanding kite for easy-going strapless riders and the rapidly growing faction of foil boarders due to its incredible de-power, feather-light feel, and fast turning characteristics. For customised performance, the kite features three trailing edge attachment points which result in more or less bar pressure and sensitivity depending on which point is chosen.

All of Slingshot’s 2016 kites come with their new One Pump Speed System, which increases inflation efficiency to get you out on the water faster and with less energy than before.

Slingshot Wave SST Kite & Bar Size Compatibility Chart:

Kite & Bar Size 17” Compstick Bar 20” Compstick Bar 23” Compstick Bar

Tech specs


COMPACT-C Slingshot Wave SST 2016 COMPACT C
Blends the proven C kite performance characteristics like power, stability, edging, control and direct feel with an innovative compact wave shape that deliver faster turns, improved aerodynamics, and increased rigidity. Allows for a feather lite feel and a kite capable of flying further forward in the wind window.
Three Strut Slingshot Wave SST 2016 THREE STRUT
Improves the Drifting capabilities.
Compact Bridle Slingshot Wave SST 2016 COMPACT DIRECT

A much more compact bridle design - built to eliminate line tangling in the surf.
IRS Bridle Slingshot Wave SST 2016 MODIFIED IRS BRIDLE
The Wave SST is equipped with a modified version of Slingshot’s revolutionary new shockabsorbing IRS bridal, which provides instant feedback and response, unrivaled stability and is condensed enough that it can’t get wrapped around wingtips if rolled in the surf.
Rip Stop Slingshot Wave SST 2016 RIP STOP SURF GRID
A material with extra panels reinforced in a gridded quilt pattern providing increased strength in high stress areas.
Re-enforced Seams Slingshot Wave SST 2016 RE-ENFORCED SEAMS
Reinforced glued seams and additional stitching increases the durability and life of the kite.
T9600 Teijin Canopy Slingshot Wave SST 2016 T9600 TEIJIN CANOPY
A high tenacity polyester yarn that is tear resistant, super light yet very durable.
45 Anti Rip Bias Cut Slingshot Wave SST 2016 45° ANTI-RIP BIAS CUT
Panel layout and construction has been designed, built and cut to stop rips and tears before they start. Taped seams aid in protecting against weak points as well.
One Pump Speed System Slingshot Wave SST 2016 ONE PUMP SPEED SYSTEM
Dramatically reduces inflation effort and time during setup, as well as making for a faster, easier, hassle-free deflation of the kite.
Split Strut Slingshot Wave SST 2016 SPLITSTRUT INTEGRATION
Splitstrut integrates the strut and canopy into one rigid wing creating a lighter, stable and more durable kite. This construction is proven to enhance power delivery under heavy load and creates efficiency in the overall frame.
Tri-Tech Protection Slingshot Wave SST 2016 TRI-TECH PROTECTION
Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth, and Neoprene. Individual scuff guards, strategically placed in the most vulnerable areas of the kite to optimise durability.
Surf Tough Seams Slingshot Wave SST 2016 SURF TOUGH SEAMS
Sets the standard for minimising and containing canopy tears. Now with improved, reinforced trailing edge durability.


KNOTS 10 15 20 25 30 35

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