Slingshot Turbine Kitesurfing Kite 2014

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The new Turbine not only gets you on the water first, it provides a performance ride and lets you stay on the water even as the wind is picking up.

Design details

Size: 17m


RIDER PROFILE Intermediate to Expert: FREERIDE, LIGHT WIND, SURF AND COURSE RACING: Riders who want to extend their time on the water, and demand light wind performance.

PACKAGE Turbine Kite, Backpack, Bladder Repair Kit, Quick-Start Guide

Everyone knows that if you want to get on the water and have fun in 5 to 6 knots your kite has to be light. We agree, but if you want to go beyond just mowing the lawn you need a sophisticated kite.

Our progressive Open Delta C design has been updated with a new bridle. We moved from last year’s 3 point LE attachment configuration to a new 5 point cascading bridle attachment system. This is critical for creating a more consistent smooth feel throughout the power stroke when sheeting in and out with the bar. This gives you specific control over the power which significantly increases range on the low end and high end. Additional new improvements include a new lower aspect ratio that is combined with a LE diameter reduction of 9%. The two work together to create more grunt and power without sacrificing riding speed, efficiency or upwind performance.

The Turbine has adopted our proven mini strut technology that makes it a full structured five strut kite. It eliminates battens while offering the same benefits seen with our reflex wingtip in our other Open Delta C kites. To enhance rider customization we have added three additional wingtip attachment points for the rear flying lines. A Turbine should be part of every riders quiver.

Tech specs

OPEN DELTA-C DESIGN PLATFORM The higher aspect ratio improves lift through kite speed instead of angle of attack. The new geometry allows the kite to fly forward in the window, frees up the wingtips and prevents the kite from oversheeting.

SPLITSTRUT INTEGRATED DESIGN Light and crisp in the sky with added durability, increased stability and canopy shaping control. A lighter profile enables better water relaunch in light winds. Packs down tight!

REFLEX WINGTIP Free pivot wingtips act as a natural governor and twist open automatically to extend the apparent wind range.

CONNECT FORWARD ATTACHMENTS Steering lines are connected directly to the forward “sweet spot” geometry of the kite. Now with three settings to micro-tune your bar pressure and turning speed preference.

WING TIP STRUTS Conical taper shape for low drag and efficient control.

LOW PROFILE WING TIPS Proven to increase turning speed, while reducing drag and creating more efficiency.

ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENT POINT Fine tuned to optimize ultra-light wind relaunch.

AUTO-TRIM TRAILING EDGE Automatically reduces oversheeting and virtually eliminates backstalling while still allowing the panels to open and flex.

CASCADING 5-POINT BRIDLE Creates a more consistent smooth feel throughout the power stroke when sheeting the bar. Designed with no pulleys.

TRI-TECH PROTECTION Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth, and Neoprene. Individual scuff guards, strategically placed in the most vulnerable areas of the kite to optimize durability.

LEGENDARY SLINGSHOT CONSTRUCTION Long lasting durability and performance by using only the latest new high tech materials in our LE, canopy,bladders and finish trim materials.

SLINGSHOT ONE PUMP The trusted, original Slingshot patented single point inflation system to get you out faster and easier.

LIFETIME RIDER SUPPORT HOTLINE Connect directly with our knowledgeable in-house professional customer service department.