Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard 2015

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The 2015 Slingshot Terrain is everything you need in the park and nothing you don’t. Designed exclusively for park riders, this board features the softest flex Slingshot has ever offered.

Design details

Sizes: 136cm, 140cm, 144cm

Cable Series

The terrain is an excellent choice for intermediate rail riders looking to get over that next hump and master their presses. XL sidewalls combine with the ES base and minimal bottom features to ensure maximum durability and longevity in the park. The wider tip profile helps the rider lock in throughout the entire length of obstacles. With no training wheel option (oops excuse us “fins”), the Terrain helps riders utilize proper edging techniques and offers complete freedom on rails and obstacles. Get ready to take your rail riding to the next level as you become the master of the Terrain.


Beginner to Advanced: Ideal for rail riders looking to master their presses, build a solid foundation and take addvantage of the ultra soft flex pattern.


  • Continuous rocker

  • ES base

  • Blocked urethane rail

  • Flat base

  • Flex - Soft

  • Park ready tune

  • Atomic core

  • 4D Graphics

  • Hand built in the USA

  • Fastrack

  • Future response technology

  • Built using resin x

Tech specs


136 cm: 100-170 Lbs. (44-77 kg)

140 cm: 140-230 Lbs. (63-104 kg)

144 cm: 160-270 Lbs. (72-122 kg)


136 cm: 2.5"

140 cm: 2.7"

144 cm: 2.9"


136 cm: 19.25-26.5"

140 cm: 21.25-28.5"

144 cm: 21.25-28.5"


136 cm: Tip/Tail - 27.4 cm/Waist - 42.4 cm

140 cm: Tip/Tail - 28.2 cm/Waist - 43.7 cm

144 cm: Tip/Tail - 29 cm/Waist - 44.9 cm


Ships without fins