Slingshot Misfit Kiteboard 2014

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The Misfit continues to deliver controlled progressive flex and top-level performance better than ever.

Design details

Comes with Board, Fins, Bolt-On 5.0 Bindings, Grab Handle

Sizes: 132cm, 136cm, 142cm, 146cm

Our full wood core absorbs and releases energy, adding a lively and responsive feel to the riding experience.

Engineered to take your skills to the next level, the 2014 Misfit provides a more dynamic feel than a traditional molded-foam board and provides smooth riding through chop without kicking spray in your face. The Misfit’s proven, user-friendly outline offers exceptional upwind drive and killer load-and-pop capability. A short and effective edge makes for lightning-quick hookup and ultimate edge control in the harshest of conditions.

Hand built in our U.S.A. factory, the Misfit features the highest-quality and greenest materials available.

RIDER PROFILE ENTRY LEVEL TO ADVANCED: Ideal for riders looking for controlled progressive flex and top level performance in a wide range of conditions..

DIMENSIONS 132 x 40 cm (32.5 cm at tip/tail) 136 x 40.5 cm (33.5 cm at tip/tail) 142 x 42 cm (34.5 cm at tip/tail) 146 x 43.5 cm (35 cm at tip/tail)

PACKAGE Board / Fins / NEW Bolt-On 5.0 Bindings / Grab Handle

HARDWARE** Fin Screws: 1/4 20 x 1/2 Truss Head Philips Grab Handle Screws: 1/4 20 x 5/8 Truss Head Philips



2014 Bolt-Ons are designed to increase comfort, convenience and maximize performance with effortless installation in mind. The Velcro locking adjustment strap is uniquely designed to fit directly to the pad’s super structure and then mounts directly onto the board for the most complete lock down and non-slip performance. The Bolt-Ons 5 is stock with all 2014 Slingshot boards but mounts seamlessly to a traditional insert pack as well. Performance and Support all in one package!

PACKAGE Single Velcro locking Straps, Super Structure dual density Pads, 4 interface pins and stainless steel fastrack hardware. Lifetime Rider Service Hotline Support. Comes stock on all Slingshot twin tip boards.