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    Slingshot Manticore Slingwing Foil Package
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Slingshot Manticore Slingwing Foil Package

From: £1,618.27
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Slingshot Manticore Slingwing Foil Package is a great starting point in the world of wing foiling. Everything you need to go out on the water, learn and progress. With a choice of board size, foil type and wing size you really can cater this package to your needs and ability.

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Design details

Package Includes:
Slingshot Manticore, Slingshot F-Pump v1 Foil, Slingwing v3

Slingshot Manticore
The Manticore V1 was designed to help wingers progress and teach their friends with its durable compression molded construction. It features mellow chined rails and a flat bottom rocker for quick release onto foil and enough width to be stable even in choppy water.

  • Durable compression molded construction.
  • Flat bottom with mellow chine on the rails makes this board super forgiving and gets on foil quickly.
  • Inset bottom carry handle for easy launching and landing.
  • Corduroy deckpad is soft on the knees.
  • Tri-Footstrap or Inline strap options.

Slingshot Hoverglide F-Pump Foil
The FPump V1 foil is a one foil for all disciplines to start out your foiling journey. It delivers massive amounts of controalable lift that will have you pumping effortlessly across the water, riding the smallest of waves imaginable, wingfoiling on the lightest wind days possible.

Foil Package includes - Quantum 100 Wing, 71cm Mast, 42cm Rear Stabilizer, Shift Fuselage, Hardware, Shim, Neoprene Wing Covers

Slingshot Phantasm PFI 835 Foil
The PFI 835/710 Lower Package combination is a high-performance lower aspect front wing that gives it tons of lift, stability, and dynamic performance. At low speeds, it delivers large amounts of lift and foiling efficiency. The Slingshot Phantasm range is a step up in performance over the Hoverglide range and give much more oppurtunity to upgrade in the future as you progress - the Phantasm range has a front wing for every style of riding and is more customisable with different rear wing options and the choice to upgrade to a carbon Mast.
At low speeds, it delivers large amounts of lift and foiling efficiency. The front wing's unique inverted gull shape provides a crazy level of dynamic carving control and a self-centering flight that makes foiling both predictable and addicting. This lower package is your ticket for all around performance with easy progression.

Foil Package includes - PFI 835 Front Wing, 710 Fuselage, PS 400 Stabilizer, 72cm Phantasm Aluminium Mast, Neoprene Wing Covers, Custom Travel Case

Slingshot SlingWing v3
Slingshot designed the all-new Slingwing V3 to give you significantly more power per size. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of higher speed and increased control with less weight and drag.


  • Unrivaled power per wing size allows you to use a smaller wing for increased speed and control with less drag and weight
  • Smooth balanced flight
  • Elongated handles for fine-tuning grip position
  • One Pump Speed System makes inflation quick and simple
  • Dump valve on the strut speeds up deflation and packing
  • Bombproof construction with Skate Scuff tough strip

Tech specs

Slingshot Manticore Dimensions

SIZE (liters) 105 90
LENGTH 5’8” 5’5”
WIDTH 28" 27”

Slingshot Hoverglide F-Pump

Surface Area (cm²) 1724
Aspect Ratio 5.89
Wing Span 108cm

Slingshot Phantasm PFI 835

Surface Area (cm²) 2030
Aspect Ratio 3.7
Wing Span 83.5cm