Slingshot Lift NF2 Foil 2016

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The Lift NF2 returns to Slingshot’s 2016 foil lineup as a time-tested and proven shape that favors solid all-around freeride performance. The Lift’s hybrid carbon-Kevlar construction and versatile shape has proven to be a rock-solid combination for kiters who want a foil they can progress with but will not outgrow.

Design details

With the Lift NF2 you get:

  • Time tested design and construction by Nick Leason of Lift
  • Light-weight and strong carbon and Kevlar construction
  • Fast takeoff, easy planning and medium top-end speed
  • Agile handling and maneuverability desired by skilled riders
  • Versatile design profile good for a wide range of conditions
  • The ability to pair with low-volume, low-profile foil boards

Mast+fuselage height: 103.4 cm (40.7")
Combined total weight: 2.6 kg (5.73 pounds)