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    Slingshot Glide 2017 Kiteboard

Slingshot Glide 2017 Kiteboard

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The 2017 Slingshot Glide is for the kitesurfer who loves frequent light-wind locations where you need a large-format board to get you out and riding and want to maintain the fun of a twin tip rather than switching to a surfboard.

Design details

SKU 17224

Light Wind Master

149 CM / 41.2 CM
159 CM / 40.4 CM

Glide Board, standard 2” (5.08cm) kite fins and grab handle

Slingshot 2017 Glide Features:

  • Dedicated light-wind session saver
  • Freestyle-friendly, surprisingly agile
  • Gets you riding while others watch and wait
  • Lively wood-core construction
  • Long, slender shape performs like a standard twin-tip

The 2017 Glide is Slingshot's dedicated light-wind board designed to get you out and riding, and having a blast doing it, while others sit on the beach waiting for the wind to come up. Staying true to the expression “Throw it don’t mow it,” the Glide’s long, slender outline, block rail profile and mild rocker combine for a feel closer to a standard twin-tip than the barn door that many wider light wind boards resemble. Offered in 149cm and 159cm lengths, the Glide’s extra surface area will, as the name suggests, get you up and gliding across the water with significantly less wind than a standard twin tip.

Slingshot 2017 Glide base:
The Glide features a .2mm Dura-Light base. This hardened base material is about half the weight of our traditional base layup. For reference, other 2017 Slingshot base thicknesses are as follows: Refraction (Sam Light pro)- .7mm Dura-Glide base; Vision- .2mm Dura-light base; Misfit- .2mm Dura-lite base; Karolina Pro- .2mm Dura-lite base.

Carbon bedrock inserts:
In 2017 you will notice lighter boards, a more continuous flex pattern and performance that is tuned precisely for each board’s design concept. You asked for weight reduction, better flex control and increased feel. You got it. Our engineers accomplished this by inventing new carbon-reinforced inserts, which will replace the Fastrack system on all 2017 boards. In testing, our team riders quickly noticed how solid the inserts are, hence the name Bedrock Carbon Inserts. The new inserts are a Slingshot exclusive and are designed to offer you a solid connection to a board that still needs to flex. They use the industry-standard M6 hardware and are reinforced with light-weight, high-strength carbon fiber. With this development, our engineers were able to define a new level of performance and durability in twin tip construction. The insert pull strength is increased by 30%, while the overall board weight is cut by 10%.

Slingshot 2017 Glide Spec

149CM 41.2CM / 36.2CM(T/T) 32MM UP TO 155LBS 7.2 LBS STANDARD 0.2MM 4X2” (5.08 CM)
159CM 40.4CM / 33CM(T/T) 33MM 120LBS + 8.2 LBS STANDARD 0.2 MM 4X2” (5.08 CM)