Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard 2014

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The 2014 Crisis delivers dynamic feel, provides solid upwind performance, effortless edge to edge control and ultra-soft landings in all conditions.

Design details

Comes with Board, Fins, Bolt-On 5.0 Bindings, Grab Handle

Sizes: 134cm, 137cm, 141cm, 146cm

Its progressive shape is ideal for advanced freeride tricks as well as riding the swell on those perfect downwinders. The Crisis is incredibly versatile and user friendly making it an ideal freeride board that you will never out grow.

RIDER PROFILE ENTRY LEVEL TO ADVANCED: Ideal for riders looking for controlled flex, maximum dampening and versatility in all conditions. Demands easy edging, good upwind performance, and solid speed control.

DIMENSIONS 134 x 40.5 cm (28.1 cm at tip/tail) 137 x 41.2 cm (28.4 cm at tip/tail) 141 x 41.5 cm (28.7 cm at tip/tail) 146 x 43.1 cm (29.3 cm at tip/tail)

STANCE OPTIONS All Sizes: 22 in. — 25 in.

FINS (4) 2” Symmetrical Fiberglass Fin

PACKAGE Board / Fins / NEW Bolt-On 5.0 Bindings / Grab Handle



2014 Bolt-Ons are designed to increase comfort, convenience and maximize performance with effortless installation in mind. The Velcro locking adjustment strap is uniquely designed to fit directly to the pad’s super structure and then mounts directly onto the board for the most complete lock down and non-slip performance. The Bolt-Ons 5 is stock with all 2014 Slingshot boards but mounts seamlessly to a traditional insert pack as well. Performance and Support all in one package!

PACKAGE Single Velcro locking Straps, Super Structure dual density Pads, 4 interface pins and stainless steel fastrack hardware. Lifetime Rider Service Hotline Support. Comes stock on all Slingshot twin tip boards.

Tech specs

ATOMIC CORE This all-wood, ultra lightweight core provides the liveliest feel ever. There is no better core material for achieving the best flex performance and durability in a board than full wood. Our wood is locally farmed from sustainable forests, that’s why we call it Columbian Gold.

FASTRACK Our proven, proprietary mounting system offers limitless micro adjustment stance options and a superior rider to board connection with a clean, fresh look. Includes universal mounting hardware.

SINGLESHOT FUSION SIDEWALL Super-impact-resistant sidewalls built to withstand the harshest riding. The new 60/40 rail is stiffer with a boxier edge to create more surface for thrashing, plus variable contoured side cut shaping for firm grip and clean release off the water.

RESIN X The greenest and most cutting-edge organic resin on the market, resulting in reduced weight, incredible durability and premium UV resistance.

4D GRAPHICS Utilizing cutting-edge graphic technology, every board features unique graphics and dimensional depth highlighting the core. By combining digital with hand crafted art we are able to create boards that have a true sense of depth that is unlike anything else. No two boards look exactly the same.

SINGLE CONCAVE Lively, good carving characteristics, super smooth, and edges upwind effortlessly. No spray in the face.

DOUBLE FLAT RAILS A step-down rail delivering optimum edge control, sound handling in choppy water, bomber impact resistance and added stability at speed.

LEGENDARY SLINGSHOT CONSTRUCTION We build our products to ensure long lasting durability and performance.

LIFETIME RIDER SUPPORT HOTLINE Connect directly with our knowledgeable in-house professional customer service department.