Shinn Zeeko Alu Hydrofoil V2 2016

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For 2016 Shinn have teamed up with the experts from Zeeko to offer the ultimate hydro-foils for the ultimate foiling boards – a winning combination. Champion of the Aluminium tests, 3rd in the overall tests, the Zeeko foil can be ridden as part of the Shinn El Stubbo or Shinnster Foil package consisting of Board, Foil and Foil Pack.

Design details

Already a test winner and yet only launched this spring the Zeeko Alu out performs most of the higher priced carbon models on the market at a fraction of the cost. Early starting, controllable speed, amazing carving - this foil is the perfect compliment to both El Stubbo and the Shinnster Foil.

Whilst many of the Alu offerings on the market offer a seriously compromised ability in the bid to hold a price point, this foil is unbeatable in the quality/performance stakes.

If your looking to start foiling and don’t want to break the bank then look no futher, it only remains to ask yourself what you can’t do on your foil, not what your foil can’t do for you!


  • High quality rigid and corrosion resistant alloy
  • Anodized and painted parts offering double protection
  • G10 wings foiled for stability and comfort
  • Superbly balanced foil for beginners and experts alike
  • Supplied with travel case, mini tool and yaw stabilising fin


  • Mast 90cm x 15mm
  • 40mm Yaw Stabilizing fin
  • PLATE mount only - 160mm x 85mm