Shinn The Shinnster Kiteboard

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Wax it, pad it, fin it or not - the Shinnster oozes style but only you can decide which one.

Design details

Pure, Strapless, Fun, Period.

Size: 160 x 46cm

Every now and then something comes at us from left field - unexpected, unplanned and simply breathtaking. When the good folks at Board Riding Maui sent us the Paipo to test we loved it so much we adapted it to our technology, gave it our graphical loving touch and bought it to you in essence un-changed.

The Shinnster is the first Shinn not to be shaped by Mark Shinn, but most certainly has passed all the Shinn checks and balances and proudly joins the line up as the latest “must have” deck in your quiver.

With a highly evolved rocker, carefully controlled flex profile and powerful parallel outline the Shinnster is not only fun to ride but surprisingly easy to get the best out of too. Don’t confuse this board with other similar looking concepts out there, this is a high performance ride that works in a huge array of conditions. If you don’t want to buy one then we suggest you don’t test one – it really is that good.

Mark writes:

“Strapless riding has been my passion for many years and a surfboard is my weapon of choice for the stand out days of the year but on all other days I now take the Shinnster. Lightwind, flat water, onshore waves, small offshore ramps... this board isn’t a toy, it’s high performance for low performance conditions which, lets face it, can be many more days than we would like”