Shinn Red V2 Kiteboard 2014

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RED is our super all-rounder; designed as a do everything, in all conditions no brainer freeride board.

Design details

Mister Versatile - Freeride

Sizes: 132 x 39.5, 135 x 41, 138 x 42, 141 x 44cm

If you want to think about your riding and not your board this is the one. The longer lengths per width improve the forgiveness and upwind ease whilst the carefully engineered tip flex smooth’s the way no matter your riding level, even in the roughest conditions

Capable of whatever you have in store for it even in the most difficult of conditions, it’s a highly adaptable tool that will love your local spot.

Nothing beats the feeling of constant, fast progression, RED, spare me the drama.

Tech specs

*Squoval Mould

*Constant Curve Rocker

*Progressive concave

*Full wood core

*Supplied with BITE 57mm fins

*Made in Europe

*2 year warranty

*Sneaker X connection system

*A lighter tech