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    Shinn Pinbot Red Kiteboard
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Shinn Pinbot Red Kiteboard

From: £290.83


Pinbot is the Shinn that provides the fastest and yet easiest way to master your skills allowing you to approach your riding knowing that your deck isn’t holding back your potential.

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Freeride and Progression

Pinbot RED

135 x 41
138 x 42
141 x 44

Pinbot RED TT1600

140 x 42
144 x 44

New for 2020 is the Pinbot RED TT1600 with sizes best suited to beginners, a lower rocker for improved learning efficiency and a super durable TT1600 surface finish.

Amazing upwind performance at all power levels, un-believable chop handling and full service carving, loading or transitioning. The Pinbot incorporates our renowned forgiving ride qualities making it the perfect board to help complete any moves that may need some polishing. Fast and enjoyable progress without the fear of out growing your ride as your level quickly improves.

Intuitive to ride and infinitely versatile we developed the Pinbot Red and the Pinbot Red TT1600 from the ground up combining all the features to be found in our award winning range at a more wallet friendly price point.

Unbeatable Control and Ease
Fantastic Range and Stability
Durable Entry level Version – TT1600

Construction Full Paulownia Wood Core
TT1600 - High Durability Finish

SQ3 Deck mould
Constant Curve Rocker
Elliptical Concave Base

BITE Hi-performance Fins

Sneaker SRS or Sneaker 6 accessories
Enjoy our snowboard ratchet technology for the ultimate, quick adjust fit or choose a time proven Velcro classic

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