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    Shinn Model P Wing 2019
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Shinn Model P Wing 2019

£253.33 ex VAT (USD321.73)

The Shinn Model P Wing offers amazing progression with the easiest to learn foil on the market today.

Design details


Carbon Re-enforced Wing

1150cm2 wing gives amazing low speed lift and pitch control for in-experienced foilers

When asking riders about their reluctance to foil the answer is always the same – it’s too difficult and too dangerous, well Shinn have news for you – the Shinn Model P has changed all that and continues to lead the way in unbelievably safe and easy progress right from day one.

Imagine making flying runs during your first 30 minutes with a foil. The Shinn Model P has bought foil-boarding within the reach of any competent TT rider and eliminated the frustrating and painful learning process of only a few short years ago. It’s not just the extreme low speed lift (starting at as little as 10 kph) that makes it so easy but also the predictable and progressive pitch control that eliminates the typical “porpoise” like crash scenes previously synonymous with learning to foil.

Low Speed Lift, High Stall AOA
The P wing lifts progressively and gives plenty of warning before stalling and dropping you from the sky