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    Shinn Model K Wing 2019
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Shinn Model K Wing 2019

£249.16 ex VAT (USD340.85)

Speed range, stability, great pitch control and amazing carving. It reads like a shopping list for your next foil but the new model K really does do it all. Inspired by the need for a foil to fill the gap between the impossibly easy to learn on P foil and high speed Model F, the model K represents our vision for the perfect x-over, multi purpose foil.

Design details


Designed for improver (capable of making 50m or more foiling runs) to advanced foilers, extremely well suited for transitions, carving, strapless and all round freeriding

Carbon Re-enforced Wing

866 cm 2 - Medium High Aspect Wing

Designed, tested and produced with a true passion for the sport the Shinn Model F is designed to satisfy the desires of the more experienced foil-boarder looking for fast upwind, aggressive carving, solid jumping and yet maintain enough pitch stability and low speed stall capability to be forgiving during those challenging foot switches, tacks and gybes that can catch out even the most accomplished of riders.

Versatile Speed range
Take off around 12 kph with top speeds >50 kph