Shinn Model F Kitesurf Hydrofoil


The all new Shinn Model F Free-ride foil – designed, tested and produced with a true passion for this young discipline. Shinn are not greedy but they want it all – fast upwind, aggressive carving, solid for jumping, stable enough to progress and fun in all winds but presented at a price that won’t break the bank, at a weight that won’t give you a hernia and with a usability that makes it your go-to ride.

Design details

MAST SIZES: 90cm or 60cm

Want some numbers to back up their claims? 36 kph upwind, 50 kph top speed (till now), 12 kph take off speed…. Shinn can go on but does it really matter? If you’re looking for a fast, stable and durable foil Shinn think they have nailed it.

The hard anodised, CNC milled, PA6 alloy plate features their exclusive Quik-fit system that allows attachment and removal without taking the fixing bolts out of the board. Our unique fuselage (also hard anodized and CNC milled in aero grade PA6 alloy) mounts all the sensitive wing surfaces on top out the way of any accidental beach strikes and also sports an integrated vertical stabiliser improving yaw control without making the foil feel stiff to turn. The pitch-stable wing profiles allow for fast, controlled riding with aggressive transitions yet also inspire confidence in less competent and nervous foilers.

Supplied with a 54cm span, anhedral curved main wing and delta-design, inverted profile stabiliser, the Shinn Model F foil comes complete in it’s own travel case and the tools required for assembly.

Maximum range from one foil
Start flying at 12 kph and don’t stop till you pass 50…. Fast enough for fun, control enough to enjoy

Medium aspect/ medium profile design
Suitable for all freeride foiling needs – carving, jumping or cruising

Delta Stabiliser with integrated yaw control
Improved carving with delta design surface and inverted foil profile.

Anhedral Wing
Increased Roll stability and decreased incidences of cavitation when pushing hard upwind

Wing compatibility program
Complete compatibility with Shinn Model P wing – ideal for mastering those tricky flying transitions

2 Mast length options
Available complete with either 60cm or 90cm mast

Strike resistant design
Delicate wings are mounted on top of the fuselage to protect them from damaging bottom strikes

Quik-Fit Plate
Fast and easy foil removal without the need to remove the screws from the board