Shinn Launchpad 2015

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The Strapless traction you’ve been waiting for What started as a traction set for the Shinnster rapidly developed into the perfect pad pattern for all modern strapless kiteboards.

Design details

Utilizing a 3 piece design allows each rider to find their

perfect stance on the board.

The front pad features rail kicks for dependable grabs and our revolutionary Pi-arch Foot Trap for better grip during airs, more support (and less chance of slipping) for landings and superior control for all kinds of strapless freestyle.

All three pieces feature our own Thermo formed–brushed EVA traction surface giving absolute grip in all water types and temperatures and are supplied with industry-leading 3M adhesive for a life time of service.

Rear Pad

8mm Arch bar

25mm Tail kick

Thermo-Brush Traction

325mm x 310mm

Front Pad

20mm Pi-arch 3D front foot trap

25mm Full length Rail kicks

Thermo-Brush Traction

380mm x 400mm

Mid Pad

Flat for maximum grip and

minimum interference

Thermo-Brush Traction

235mm x 360mm