Shinn King Gee V2 Kiteboard 2015

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King Gee is the enabler in the Shinn range, putting up a “can do” attitude when others aren’t even heading for the beach. Here at Shinnworld we’re always thirsty for a ride but mowing the lawn won’t quench it. We need a board to perform with, whatever the conditions, light winds included.

Design details

Light winds and heavy riders without compromise..

Sizes: 146x46 and 150x50

Using the SQ2 Top mould first seen on the ADHD has allowed us to refine the flex profile to achieve what was previously considered impossible – incredible wind range in such an efficient deck.

Don’t confuse Gee with your bathroom door, he truly is a step forward in “less than” ultimate conditions enhancement.

If you’re looking for versatility and performance in an XL package but aren’t prepared to give up on fun factor there really is no other choice.

  • Amazing lightwind performance

  • NEW Sneaker 5 connection pack

  • SQ2, 3-D top mould

  • Supplied with BITE 53mm fins

  • Efficiency optimized rocker

  • Lightwind and still fun

  • 100% wood core

  • 2 Year warranty

Tech specs

Sneaker 5

Supreme Connection System

They may be the 5th generation of our legendary connection sets but the Sneaker 5 is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel we took a long hard look at the things we wanted to keep and found new ways to integrate some awesome new features.

It may seem intuitive but the positioning of the all new toe ridge proved tricky to define but nail it we have, providing a mountain of grip when you wanna be locked into the straps yet no barrier to your exit when things get hot and you need to leave in a hurry. Likewise the new heel cupping secures your feet giving re-assuring leverage when you need it yet doesn’t impair movement during your wilder rides.

If you want comfort, lightweight, adjustability and control all in one package then the Sneaker 5 really will fit the bill (and your feet!).

The Sneaker 5 set includes 2 x pads, 2 x straps, handle and fixing hardware.

  • New 3D Heel shaping

  • New Ergonomic heel ridge

  • Micro-buckle adjustment system

  • Memory foam for customised fit

  • Adjustable stance ducking

  • Zoned traction