Shinn Bronq Kiteboard 2015

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The Shinn you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for... We wouldn’t say the Bronq is the ultimate kiteboard, just that we never rode a better one.

Design details

The design remit was simple – to make the lightest, fastest and yet plushest twintip possible through a combination of experience and advanced technology.

After 2 years testing we’ve utilized the impressive strength of carbon to allow us to significantly reduce both the laminate and core weight. Why go to all that trouble? The answer is in the feel, we wanted to make a lighter, faster board and yet maintain all the comfort and ease that you love in your Shinn. Two years in the making this has taken a complete package re-design not just a superficial application of the black wonder material.

Designed for high performance multi-discipline riding - extreme grip, outstanding POP and effortless carving no matter the conditions. Forget the teeth chattering, knee battering ride you’ve come to expect from other carbon boards, the Bronq rides just as you’ve come to expect from a Shinn – only like a Shinn on steroids.


  • High Modulus Carbon for extreme lightweight
  • Amazing control, grip and speed
  • Shinn Sneaker 5 connection kit
  • BITE Composite fins and Handle
  • Constant Curve Rocker line
  • Shinn Squoval mould technology
  • The most awesome Shinn yet