Rusty Hustler Surfboard 2014

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The Rusty Hustler is considered by many to be that magical? surfboard. Its 7 parts short board, 3 parts fish, and 100 % Hustler.

Design details

A fuller outline + lower rocker throughout = Speed.

Venturi bottom = lift, maneuverability, and control.

Throw it all together with a master’s touch and the result is a turbo-charged, high performance board that feels like its working hard for you, and is always ready to rock. Hence, the Hustler.

Rocker: Low rocker all the way through that maximizes surface area and makes for quick paddling and a fast ride.

Concave: The Venturi bottom starts underneath your front foot and runs towards the tail, and is sunken in a very shallow single concave running throughout the board. The single wing serves as a release point just behind the side fins, spitting the channeled water out through the back fin(s).

Rails: Medium, egg shaped rail with a semi-low apex. This suits the flatter deck on the Hustler and helps volume to be carried out towards the rail, but still provide plenty of edge to cut through water and get on rail in a hurry.

Tail: Single wing, straight-cut swallow. The angular points in the tail compliment the big, double barrel concave through the Venturi to take volume out and up the responsiveness.

Fins: The Hustler was originally designed as a quad fin, but is built as a 5 fin convertible to accommodate the “tri-fin guy” and add versatility to an already-lethal weapon.

Sizing: Ride 3-5 inches shorter then your Redline and in anything from small, mushy beach break to punchy, slightly overhead surf. The Hustler makes a living out of nothing, and can rip in small surf all day, but it has been successfully surfed in smaller Cloud Break, so keep it around at all times.

Tech specs


Width - 20.25" Thickness - 2.37" Volume - 32.8 L


Width - 20.5" Thickness - 2.5" Volume - 35.7 L