RRD Poison LTD V3 Kiteboard


The RRD Poison LTD V3 is the most wanted freestyle board in the RRD range since its introduction. Some still refer to it as “the board with the eye” constantly reminding about its legendary grip, light feel and silly “pop”.

Design details


Once you use the Poison you immediately fall in love with it. There is something about it that makes it feel just right: The scoop rocker is the same one used on the Infamous Poison V3, constant curve with slightly lifted tip area, but the outline has completely been re-designed.

The outline features a totally straight line in the mid 45 cms of the board, creating a perfect area to push hard when trying to edge and go upwind. The tip area is narrowed significantly, increasing top speed and allowing a quicker direction change. All of the necessary elements to increase pop.

The re-designed Torsion Box follows the profile of the squared/swallow tips. This tip shape creates a higher angle of attack on the water surface, and increases control. The Poison is an amazing freestyle board. Because some riders need to adjust the feel of the board to suit their specific taste, we have added the new ABS channels into the board. The channels plus the RRD Rad Pads enable the rider to make the smallest adjustments needed to perfect their stance for maximum performance.

The Poison V4 defines the new Status Quo of freestyle boards.


  • Deck and bottom biaxial glass construction
  • ABS Channels for pads
  • Anti-torsion box tip design
  • New tip profile on squared/swallow outline
  • A deep concave in the middle of the board
  • 5mm sidewalls

THE POISON IS NOW AVAILABLE IN LTD TECHNOLOGY to save up to 20% weight and increase the reflex response and better POP. Different features and technology:

  • Deck and bottom Dynatex Carbon 220 grams
  • Reduced Thickness


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Tech specs

POISON LTD 39 V3 135 x 39 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 4420003
POISON LTD 40 V3 136 x 40 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 4420004
POISON LTD 41 V3 137 x 41 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 4420005
POISON LTD 42 V3 138 x 42 CM
4 x FLOW 5 G-10 4420006
POISON LTD 43 V3 140 x 43 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 4420007