RRD Passion MK7 Kite 2015

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The MKVII is a new re-designed, refined version of the Passion MKVI. The Leading edge arch has been re-tuned and developed around the middle size 11, an aspect ratio that has pleased any riders’level in a large variety of conditions.

Design details


This in combination of a shorter leading edge overall length, has reached and mix of perfect compromise of power handling and stability. The foil shape has been sligtly increased, but we have kept the same LE thickness in the center area, making it an very stiff, very stable support for the whole canopy material. Slightly faster in turning speed, a perfect presence of bar pressure.

Sizes 17 and 15 are specifically designed for super light wind and reduced in weigh in any details.

The special 3 sqmt version for beginners is also a new design, simplified to the core, with only two struts and a great low end power and stability for newcomers. A must for all kite schools. A small kite that flies well with light wind.

Sail Sizes: 3/5/7/9/11/13/15/17

Item N°/Article Code

  • Size 3: 15PA3K
    *Size 5: 15PA5K
  • Size 7: 15PA7K
  • Size 9: 15PA9K
  • Size 11: 15PA11K
  • Size 13: 15PA13K
  • Size 15: 15PA15K
  • Size 17: 15PA17K

Colours: Yellow/black • Red/black