RRD Global Bar V7


The RRD Global Bar V7 has been designed around the idea of safety, functionality and durability.

Design details


The version 7 of a great bar with a great history of performance and reliability.

RRD have taken out any unnecessary items instead of adding them, to make every component more functional. Simply said :”you cannot break what does not exist”.

A simple bar that works everyday, for a long period of time. All our 4 line bars are the same width and have the same line length and work on all of our 4 line kite sizes and models. So you just need one bar for all your RRD kites. (Except for the 5 line Obsession Pro model).

Tech specs

4 LINE BAR: 55cm wide with 23m lines

5 LINE BAR: 48cm wide with 22m lines