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    RRD Dynamic Pro RDM Windsurf Mast 2020

RRD Dynamic Pro RDM Windsurf Mast 2020

From: £324.16

The lightest and most advanced wave mast. Strong enough to take the bigger impacts, whilst remaining light and responsive.

Design details



The Ultimate mast developed alongside our X-wing race program. Ultra light, incredible response and insane performance.


  • Plexiglass protection – A customised Plexiglass tape not only adds Italian style, but also provides additional protection to the bottom section of the mast, where the majority of the abuse occurs.
  • Virtual IMCS – Through testing we found that although IMCS ratings (stiffness) are equal in different carbon contents, the feel on the water is not the same. We therefore developed our own Virtual IMCS system, that makes small modifications to the stiffness of the mast depending on the carbon %. The result means that no matter what your budget, you know you will get the perfect performance from our sails.