RRD Chiatta K V2 Kite Surfboard 2015

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Refined just in a few details, this iconic shape remains a small to mid size surf reference for any serious kitesurfer.

Design details

Strapless small waves thruster

The perfect blend of speed, early planing, grip and potential to massive air in any section of the wave. The Chiatta tail is being thinned out to increase the bottom turn hold at high speed, and the very last foot of the nose outline has been widened up slightly to improve the bite when using the whole rail line.

The rest is a simple but explosive mix of pure performance with lots of fun and no stress.

Size: 5’8” x 19½” x 2½” Volume: 28 LTS

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Tech specs

Blank: CNC PU Core with lightweight stringer.
Layup: Silmar™ polyester resin for layup and Reichold™ resin for finishing E and S X-cel® glass bottom and deck layup.
Reinforcements: Horizontal fibers bamboo deck patch with Biaxial glass heel reinforcement patches.
Boxes: Future boxes with HD PVC reinforcement blocks.