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    Ronix Kinetik Project Springbox 2 2019 Wakeboard

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Ronix Kinetik Project Springbox 2 2019 Wakeboard

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This Ronix Kinetik features the exact same core, profile, and rocker as the Ronix Flexbox 1 wakeboard, but the Springbox 2 has totally different pressure points. A more rigid mid-section was designed so a rider can rock into a press – then once locked in – a softer end tip/tail section creates the ability to move side to side or just exaggerate the angle of a press and get more spring to their ollie off the water or a feature.

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Design details


SIZES: 138 / 144 / 150


  • Springbox 2

  • Speedwalls

  • G&R Technology

  • 3D Wood for infinite Pressure Points

  • Also uses vertical Wood from tip to tail

  • Cable Flex Rating - 58 Tip/Tail – 85 Center

  • Dominik Hernler Pro Model