Rip Curl Flash Bomb 4/3 CZ Wetsuit 2014

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World's fastest drying wetsuit. For the surfer who wants the best wetsuit possible. No compromises.

Design details

Colour: Black - 90

Constructed with the most advanced neoprene and loaded with the latest ocean technology.


Two engineered layers that funnel water radiply out of the suit making it the warmest and most comfortable lining available.


30% More Stretch

20% Less Weight

10% Warmer


Allows for maximum seam stretch while giving ultimate sealing and comfort.


E4 Flash Lining

Two engineered layers that funnel the water rapidly out of the suit once it is hung up. Also one of the warmest and most comfortable linings available.

E4 Tape

Internal seams are taped with E4+ super stretch tape, allowing for maximum seam stretch while giving ultimate seam sealing and comfort.

E4 Neoprene

The lightest, most flexible and warmest neoprene ever.

Chest Zip

A front closure system that provides the freedom of a zip free suit with the easy access of a back zip.

4-Way Back Stretch

Engineered for minimal seam restriction and allows for the maximum performance benefits of E3+

Mesh Skin

Smooth mesh panels that absorb solar heat and reduce wind chill.

Hydro-Loc Collar

Adjustable Collar to seal the neck and prevent water flushes.

Drainage System

3 hole drainage system allows excess water to drain freely

Seamless underarms and shoulders

For unrestricted flexibility and maximum movement.

S-Flex Knees

Highly flexible and durable knee pads allowing maximum movement and unsurpassed life span.

Stash Pocket

External zip pocket with key loop