Ride Engine Roof Rack Straps

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Ride Engine Roof Rack Straps: Rugged tie down straps with heavy duty one-way cam buckles that grip tight and won’t loosen on the road and extra padding under the buckle to protect whatever you’re strapping down.

Design details

SKU: 36410021

  • Multi-purpose straps- 16 foot length (4.9m)
  • Cam holds tight, won’t loosen over time
  • Padded buckle prevents dings and dents
  • Stashes neatly in carrying case
  • Compatible with any roof rack

Not just for surfboards and roof racks, a good set of straps comes in handy for all kinds of uses. Strong, secure and compact- toss a set of these in your vehicle and they’ll come in handy in more ways than one, we guarantee it.


  • Rugged 1.5” polypropylene webbing
  • Hefty galvanized cam buckle holds webbing secure
  • Neoprene sleeve keeps buckle covered and protected
  • Padding below buckle prevents dings to car and boards
  • Carrying case included for neat storage