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    Ride Engine Futura SUP Foil 2019
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Ride Engine Futura SUP Foil 2019

£915.80 ex VAT (USD1,252.81)
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The 2019 Ride Engine Futura SUP foil is a unique big-wing design that gives you the best of both worlds - the lift and bottom-end performance needed to get a heavier SUP board on foil and crusing, and the range and top-end handling you want once you're up to speed.

Design details

Escape the crowds, explore new breaks and surf even the smallest days with a SUP foil package designed to maximize lift, stability and gliding. The Futura SUP foil eliminates the frustration of not being able to catch or keep up with the waves. The Futura SUP foil package comes with our new Manta 84 wing.


  • The best package for user-friendly SUP surfing
  • New carbon composite construction - durability, range and efficiency
  • Larger 48 rear wing increases stability and locked-in carving
  • Unique fuselage has different connection points for different performance
  • 61 cm (24 in) mast is the ideal length for tapping into the energy of the waves
  • Modular system is compatible with all other Ride Engine wings


  • 61 cm (24 in) mast
  • Manta 84 front wing
  • 48 cm rear wing
  • Custom Travel Bag
  • Pedestal Mount
  • Fuselage
  • All Hardware