Ride Engine Carbon Slider Bar 2017

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Ride Engine’s 2017 carbon slider bar is a low-profile, lightweight and streamlined setup that closes the gap between kite and rider. This hooked-in system connects the chicken loop directly to the spreader bar and allows the connection to slide effortlessly from side to side, creating the ultimate fluid ride and preventing unfavorable harness movement when riding toeside, carving upwind or catching waves.

Design details

Please note 2017 Ride Engine spreader bars do not work on 2016 Ride Engine Harnesses

  • 2X stronger and 4X lighter than comparable metal hook bars systems
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Replaceable rope
  • Rugged carbon spreader bar construction
  • Speed-Loop compatible
  • Designed to prevent dings to your equipment
  • Optimizes the angle of attack while riding
  • Available in 8”, 10” and 12” options