Ride Engine Apoc 3/2 FZ Wetsuit

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The Ride Engine Apoc 3x2 full length wetsuit is the ideal choice for the shoulder season, when water temperatures are cold enough to warrant full coverage but air temperatures are warm enough that a thicker, fleece-lined suit is overkill. You’ll enjoy longer sessions with less restriction and more energy thanks to the freedom of movement Ride Engine’s SmartStretch limestone-based neoprene and strategic stitching layout provides.

Design details


  • Light, comfortable, flexible suit, superior fit and less restriction

  • Great option for a range of water and weather conditions

  • Easy entry/exit, superior flush protection with front-zip access and pullover neck gasket

  • Feel good, perform great with SmartStretch limestone neoprene

  • Don’t be held back; express yourself fully with increased range of motion thanks to strategic stitching layout

  • Our suits match your values: No petroleum, no toxic hydrophobic coatings, no regrets


Closes up rather than down so it won’t get unzipped if you take a beating in the surf.


No Ride Engine suits contain C8, C6 or C4. These toxic chemical enhance drying time. They also eventually leach into the water that we all share and love. We aren’t down with that.


Neospan S-Foam Neoprene: Industry standard for high-end suits, avoids environmental impacts of standard petroleum-based Neoprene


Stitch pattern designed to allow for maximum range of motion while avoiding stretch points and minimizing chafing.


Rugged, abrasion resistant BAX material covers knees of all long suits for added protection and durability where it’s needed most.


Strategically located to drain water and prevent “elephant leg syndrome”


Zips into the interior of the suit and helps prevent flushing through the neck opening.


Thermalux Poly Fleece lining (on cold-water models) Minimizes water absorption and retains heat to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions. Layer tapers from thickest at the core to thinner at extremities to maximize warmth and mobility.

The Apoc series:

Ride Engine developed the Apoc series with close collaboration from athletes who know exactly what they want, and need, from their equipment. Ranging from our warmest suit, the fully-sealed, fleece-lined, Apoc 5/4, to our sealed 4/3 and 3/2 full suits and 2m shortys, the Apoc is a full-range frong-zip lineup designed with the utmost attention to detail to keep users warm and comfortable as they pursue their water-bound passions. All suits in the Apoc series are front-zip and feature internal neck gaskets to reduce flushing; the 5/4 and 4/3 suits have internal poly-fleece lining for added warmth and water retention and all are made from limestone-based neoprene.